Headless BigCommerce

What is headless bigcommerce?

Chances are if you’ve landed on this page it’s because you already know what Headless Commerce is and its benefits, in theory, and are looking for examples of live Headless BigCommerce stores. 

If you need a quick refresher, take a look at the Headless vs. Traditional eCommerce diagram. Headless commerce is an architecture that decouples the front-end from the eCommerce platform that powers it. This simple setup unleashes developers to build customized, flexible, and content-rich storefronts.

‘Decoupled’ means that both systems, the front-end and the eCommerce platform, stand independent of one another. They would exist without their counter part.

In the case of BigCommerce, you are replacing Stencil with something more powerful and flexible, like our theme engine – Meteorite.

Since BigCommerce provides APIs for the Catalog, Cart, Checkout, Orders, Customers, Authentication and Payments, all we have to do is create the front-end experience. 

Headless vs. Traditional eCommerce

Headless BigCommerce | JOMATech.io

b2c – Headless bigcommerce store: WETSOUNDS.COM

Headless BigCommerce by jomatech.io

Front-end Editing tools

We’ve created decoupled front-end editing tools so Store Admins can edit content on the fly and see their edits in real time. This includes dragging and dropping pictures, changing copy, pricing, titles, configuring facets and filters on category pages, creating meta/alt tags, etc. In the images below you can see before and after I login as an Admin and flip on ‘Edit Mode’ (light green slider on mid/lower right side) which reveals editable hot spots.


Headless BigCommerce store by jomatech.io


Headless BigCommerce store by jomatech.io

More features

Custom Product API

We built our own custom Product API that makes the BigCommerce catalog available for 3rd party apps, which is great because it allows us to slice up the products any way we need to display them. You’ll notice that on-site search is blazing fast as well.

The BigCommerce Product API is a bit slower and more rigid; if a job takes them 20 API calls, it only takes 1 API call for us.


Custom Sales tools

This client also has sales people taking orders over the phone, so we wanted to make price quoting easy while also running everything through the website in order to maintain PCI compliance.

We created a way for sales people to build shopping carts on behalf of customers and share it with them instantly without taking sensitive credit card information over the phone. Sales staff can even edit product pricing directly in the shopping cart so they don’t affect pricing storewide.


Customer Service Portal

To manage incoming customer support requests we built a self-serve FAQ center. If a customer feels their questions have not been answered they have the opportunity to submit a contact request or an RMA form. These inputs feed into a Customer Service Portal with an easy backend management system. 

Product Comparison Tool

Since this client’s products have a lot of technical specifications, we built them a Product Comparison tool.  Customers are not only able to browse the catalog and mark products for comparison, but also control what specifications they want to compare within the product set. This ensures the customer is getting exactly what they need and reduces returns.


Dealer Locator

With thousands of dealers selling WetSounds products all over the country, it was apparent that we needed a way for customers to find one in their vicinity. After-all, we know that the customer journey is usually not a straight line, especially for high priced products. Often times it consists of website visits, social visits, brick & mortar visits, e-mail campaigns, re-marketing, PPC campaigns, etc. 

We ended up building an easily manageable dealer locator with a queryable database able to handle thousands of contacts. Adding records is so easy an intern can do it!


90 Day implementation

We migrated this client from Netsuite’s eCommerce platform ‘Suite Commerce Advanced’, built their custom tools, their new website, and integrated it with their ERP for order/inventory/fulfillment services in 90 days. They’ve since done six-figures in revenue only a month after launch.

B2B – Headless bigcommerce store: FORNIDA.COM

BigCommerce Product Configurator

Fornida is an HPE and Dell authorized reseller that sells B2B. They’re also a Headless BigCommerce store with custom built tools to solve their business and operational woes. One thing we encountered with BigCommerce is that they’re only capable of making 600 SKUs per product. This is worrisome because the sky is the limit when building a server. We had to create a tool that could handle every SKU/Product combination possible, so we built them a BigCommerce Product Configurator.

Build A Cart for Customers

The product configurator doesn’t just give customers the ability to build their own servers and shopping carts, but also enables Fornida the ability to build the server and share the shopping cart with the customer, in real time without refreshing their page.


Screen takeover

In addition to building and sharing a cart with the customer, our Product Configurator lets Sales Engineers collaborate with customers in real time. That means they’re literally able to take over the customers screen and build the server with them watching, question-by-question. 

Often times buyers are tasked with purchasing “7 of these, 3 of these, and 2 of those — and everything has to work”. This can be very stressful, which is why collaborating with a Sales Engineer in real time is so valuable. 

Dealer Locator by jomatech.io

More features

optimized for seo

You could have the best website in the world, but if people don’t know it exists — what’s the point? At JOMA Tech, we understand this completely and take SEO very seriously.

Some say SEO is a dying art. We agree, sort of. Google controls the game; this is obvious. They update their algorithms without telling anyone and all of a sudden your hard work is useless (ahem, like this). So what can we control? What can we do to drive organic traffic while also not putting all our eggs in one basket?

The answer is, focus on providing value to the customer. As AI progresses, it will figure out which sites are actually useful and which are simply trying to game the system. If customer’s are finding what they need, you’re sitting pretty.

Using this approach, we saw a steady increase in organic traffic over time — and it only keeps climbing!

Dallas SEO Company | JOMA Tech

Integrated with on-premise erp

Creating an enterprise level eCommerce store by itself is not enough, we also have to integrate it to the client’s system of record. In most cases this is the Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP). We want to do this so that customer records, orders, inventory, and fulfillment are all kept in sync automatically between multiple systems.


Build Assembly Manager with SMS Updater

With so many SKU combinations available per product, it became apparent that we needed to create a tool for their Server Technicians that helps them identify which part goes where.

BigCommerce does not group components by build; all of the components are flung together in a single list on the customer invoice. This poses an issue. What happens when a customer orders more than 1 server at a time? For this reason we built a Build Assembly Manager that groups components by build ID.

This makes it easy for Server Technicians to assemble servers correctly and in an efficient manner. We also made the ability for Sales Engineers to check the status of a build simply by texting a phone number.

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We’re very passionate about what we do and love helping companies break free from slow, expensive, and rigid systems. We won’t ever talk down to you or make you feel silly for asking questions. All are welcome at JOMA Tech! Contact us today to learn more about what a Headless BigCommerce store (or vanilla BigCommerce) might look like for you and your company.